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Julien Guitard

Marketing & Communication Consultant

Julien graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Paris in 1997 and Bristol Business School in 2000, started out as a market researcher at MKG Conseil and Elysées Hôtel Consultant.  With over 17 years’ experience in Luxury goods and international hospitality for a range of agencies and advertisers, he is a great communicator, salesman, spokesman and marketing man, insatiably inquisitive and avid to expand his cultural horizons. Julien is a media accelerator, and has successfully seen large numbers of complex projects, both human-sized and on an international scale, through to completion.

With his passion for skills and expertise, he has given international significance to creative initiatives for brands including Fauchon, Absolut, Starwood Hotels, and Baccarat, largely contributing to their brand recognition in fields as varied as design, art, heritage, and gastronomy.

At Cuisimaniac, which he founded, he delivers unique, gastronomy-themed experiences for his clients, guiding them from formulating their strategy to operational deployment and project launch.

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Cook, author and journalist extraordinaire, Elisabeth Scotto has unrivalled knowledge of the theory and practice of cooking. She is highly attentive to the quality of products and those behind them (she is obsessive about outstanding artisan producers and organic farming) and to respect for the rhythms of nature, and has become an advocate for a style of cooking that is simultaneously simple yet sophisticated, anti-dogma, accessible to all, and joyful. Her cooking is rooted in the world’s terroir and its expertise and derives inspiration from the work and creative skills of leading starred chefs.

At Cuisimaniac, Elisabeth brings her vast store of knowledge and experience to bear as she shares her genuine technical expertise, covering menu design, recipe and specification sheet creation, and the quest for suppliers to match the recommended gastronomic approach.

Elisabeth Scotto

Free Lance

Culinary Consultant

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Consultant Sommelier and author Linda Grabe has always stood out for her simultaneously exacting and laid-back attitude to wine. Wine, with a capital “W”, is a serious business for Linda, but the words used to talk about it have to be simple. True to these basic principles, the wine lists Linda orchestrates have left their mark, and have helped guide restaurateur and client choices. Among those benefitting from her sage advice are Le Bubble Champagne Bar in Paris and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Market, to name but two.

Linda brings her unique brand of expertise to Cuisimaniac. From menu design to the quest for top-flight wine growers, she tells the vastly complex story of wine via a straightforward, uncomplicated approach: accessible wine for all! 



Linda Grabe

Free Lance

Wine Expert

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Thomas Girard & Sébastien Gans

Free Lance Mixology


Thomas Girard began his career in London. As head bartender at 69 Colebrooke Row, one of the world’s best-known bars, he developed a scientific approach to making drinks under the supervision of owner Tony Conigliaro. In 2012, he opened the bar Le Coq, the first ‘locavore’ cocktail bar in Paris. He then worked for the Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Pacaud at the restaurants Hexagone, Histoires and, more recently, Apicius, all three in Paris.


Sébastien Gans, whose background is in cinema and art, started his bartending career at the classic and iconic Le Fumoir in the heart of Paris. As head bartender at Le Coq, then Candelaria – one of the top bars in Paris with an international reputation – he travelled the world to curate cocktail events. He is known for paying special attention to detail and elevating cocktail-making to an art form as he shares his vast knowledge of agave spirits like tequila and mezcal.


Thomas and Sébastien met at Le Coq and became then partners in the development of unique beverages programs. Since 2016, they have worked as consultants for brands, bars, hotels and restaurants. They recently teamed up to open Carbón, developing two bar concepts in one restaurant, and have just launched ICÖN, a new creative-drinks concept.


Thomas and Sébastien now offer their unique mixology expertise and talent for menu design and finding rare ingredients to Cuisimaniac’s clients, using a sophisticated visual approach to tell inimitable cocktail stories.

Sergio da Silva, a journalist and stylist of Portuguese origin, worked for Elle France for over 20 years, writing on subjects as varied as decoration, cooking and travel; discovering future trends from the four corners of the globe; spotlighting objects amid theatrical settings; and beautifying images with his poetic contemporary art direction.


An aesthete and epicurean, he keeps up with new trends that enhance our daily lives, communicating his love of good food by focusing on the product.


For Cuisimaniac, Sergio creates new atmospheres, does makeovers, directs photo shoots and tells stories in visual and decorative language, playing with combinations of materials and colours, and always making theoretical concepts accessible and attractive.

Sergio da Silva

Free Lance Styling Consultant

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