(dessin de Julie Gauthron, artiste et décoratrice)

Place: TheDIGITAL ROOFTOP Studio 18 - HALL 7.3 EQUIPHOTEL - 11-15 November 2018 Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles 1, Place de la Porte de Versailles 75015 PARIS·

Sunday, 11 November, 16h30-17h Vegetables rule: the trend towards veg-centric cuisine and showcasing plant products (sweet or savoury) on the plate.

At a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about what they are eating, some chefs are making vegetables the star turn, with plants becoming a focus of creativity in their basic or transformed state

Themes: Vegetables the star attraction on the plate • Five-a day: are restaurants doing their bit? • Urban kitchen garden, or local sourcing • Plants as raw material • 80% of consumers order fries when eating out: a heresy?

Speakers - Daniel Becker – Pastry chef and founder of Linnolat, plant-based couvertures

- Elisabeth Scotto – Author, food writer, cook

Sunday 11 November, 17h-17h30 “Sharing plates” or culinary polyamory: how to win over a new customer base eager for ground-breaking convivial experiences.

Small plates, large plates; starter or main event – these days each dish is sampled and offered to the whole table. There is real enthusiasm for “food to share”, a new conviviality vehicle inspired by dining among friends in the home.

Themes: Starter-mains-dessert, or Mezze, Tapas, or Petiscos? • Are sharing dishes more of an evening concept? • How can you taste a chef’s entire range? • New out-of-home restaurant consumption rites.

Speakers - Charléli Frati – Founder, Blitz restaurant - Simon Auscher – Founder, Anna and Tannat restaurants, Paris

Monday 12 November, 18h-18h30

New dining concepts: a discussion with a “pioneer” reinventing the French culinary landscape.

Restaurant professionals are currently engaged in an in-depth re-think on the future of their existing concepts. Incomers from other professions have innovated in a virtually fully-regulated market.

Themes: Is “Food” the new “Fashion”? • How do you preserve an ethical approach when seeing double-or triple-digit growth? • New concepts: is constant change necessary to survival? • Are marketing and digital today the keys to a successful concept?

Speakers - Rudy Guénaire – Co-founder, Paris New York chain

- Olivier Reneau – Lifestyle journalist

Monday 12 November, 18h30-19h

New-generation winemakers: a discussion between disruptors in the French wine world.

These days, among the newcomers are men and women who are passionate about wine and wine-growing, making products that are organic, natural, ethical, and liberated!

Themes: What is a “disruptor” in the world of wine? • What is the outlook for wine consumption in the years ahead? • Must we choose between drinking and polluting? • Being a living wine artisan today • Can you derive a competitive edge by putting natural wines on your wine list?

Speakers - Jean-Hugues Bretin – Creator of the RaisinApp

- Bruno Quenioux – Wine philosopher and steward (PhiloVino)

- Jean-Marie Bouldy – Wine grower, Château Belgrave Pomerol, Bordeaux

Tuesday 13 November, 16h30-17h Slow Food vs Fast Food: a discussion among players in the nutrition transition.

In the space of just 30 years, what we put on our plates has changed enormously. Food products can be transported over vast distances before being consumed; food is over-processed; dishes often contain too much fat, salt and sugar; there’s a disconnect between products and seasonality…

Themes: Eating well makes a comeback • The showcase restaurant for sustainable nutrition • How do you integrate new needs, transparency, health, and ethics into today’s restaurant trade?

Speakers - Nicolas Machard – Co-founder of - Junie Hovsepian – Secretary General, Slow Food France - Paule Masson – Food journalist (L'Humanité), expert on the nutrition transition Tuesday 13 November, 18h30-19h Restaurant décor: how materials bolster the customer experience; lighting as décor. Restaurant professionals are emphasising sustainability both on the plate and in restaurant décor. A return to authenticity and simplicity. Using natural, rough or plant-based materials.

Themes: Fitting out a restaurant •The trend towards a stripped-down aesthetic • Restaurant lighting • Is sustainability in decoration a heresy?

Speakers - Julie Gauthron – Interior decorator, artist

- Emilie Bonaventure – Interior architect - Pierre Leonforte – Journalist, editor and author

Wednesday 14 November, 18h-18h30 Putting organic into restaurants: how do you control your margins? Consuming organic products is a high growth activity. It is now a major trend, not a passing fad, and also a lifestyle change due to a growing awareness that it is part of a shift towards sustainable consumption.

Themes: Organic food in chain restaurants • Impact of organic buying on à la carte prices for consumers • Promoting organic sourcing in a chain restaurant setting • Brand labels in chain restaurants • Direct sourcing from producers for restaurateurs.

Speakers - Nadia Igué – Private chef, consultant

- Lucas Felzine – Chef, Uma restaurant

Wednesday 14 November, 18h30-19h

“Home made” in a restaurant setting, or how to reassure customers around their need for greater transparency.

These days, the fashion is for open kitchens in restaurants, where customers eat at the counter and play an active role in making up dishes – everything is becoming a personalised spectacle.

Themes: Is “home made” a recognisable label? • Food on-the-go and custom dishes in today’s restaurant scene • Customers’ growing need for traceability and transparency.

Speakers - Bruno Doucet – Chef, La Régalade, Paris

- Alexandra Lepage – Founder, Papa Sapiens

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