Crafting ideas, concepts to increase sales...

Fruit Pie

A sustainable approach to our food

We aim to create innovative, sustainable culinary concepts for brands, restaurateurs, hoteliers and food producers.


Our expertise embraces concept development, feasibility studies and financial modelling, assistance for operational concept deployment and branding strategies.

Summer Salad

Behind each of the foods we eat lies a story.


Aspects of cooking and gastronomy – food writ large – are increasingly coveted by brands that are sometimes at a distance from this territory, but which aim to raise their profile in the lifestyle space as they seek a cultural or heritage dimension, stamped with the hallmark of authenticity.


Food knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation and has forged our present-day food culture.


Our assistance is based on these ideas and is designed to help industry professionals or brands to create a new culinary vocabulary, to rethink their catering concepts from a more sustainable angle, and target tomorrow’s clients.


In a highly competitive market where mimicry is rife, it can be difficult to carve out a niche in a space already occupied by long-established players, or in the face of short-lived trendy concepts that can generate a media feeding frenzy.


Through the concepts we create, we are aiming for excellence and high performance, for more rationalised sourcing, and optimised production processes. Our objective is to buy more economically, to buy locally, with greater flexibility on quantities and pricing, and with a “zero loss/ zero waste” target for food purchasing.


We also strive to preserve local culinary culture by encouraging sustainable agriculture and permaculture, both of which are friendly to local ecosystems. We strive to showcase artisan producers who pass on their quality expertise and who are steeped in the history of a terroir.